Ревеню мениджмънт в туризма и хотелиерството. Стратегии в условията на криза.


Maybe the phrases expenditure optimization, revenue and yield management would not be so popular in Bulgaria if it was not for the economic crisis.

However, they actually are the alpha and omega of every business now acquiring particular importance for the hospitality industry which experiences pressures from two sides: the need to reduce the prices of services on the one hand, and growing expenditures on the other. An increasing number of Bulgarian hotel keepers are becoming ever more aware how important revenue management is.

What pricing strategy should be followed during a crisis?

When the competition reduces the prices, one is tempted to follow suit. But if we do it, will we not fall into a trap from which it is hard to escape? And are there not other ways of coping with the crisis?

Which are the best mechanisms for boosting sales and revenues?

What marketing techniques should be applied for their optimization?

How to use online channels to increase proceeds?

Hotel keepers raise these and a lot of other questions more and more often before HoReMag. However, raising them is only the first step. The second, crucial step is finding the best answers.

The good news is that you do not need to invent the wheel or discover the hot water again. It is the right people who have the right answers and that is why HoReMag has invited such people: a top manager of a global hotel chain, a representative of an international company which provides consultancy to hotels all round the world and a professor teaching at a leading European college of hospitality.

They come to Bulgaria for the first time, accepting HoReMag’s invitation, to share their knowledge and expertise with you – owners and managers of hotels, revenue and marketing managers, food and drinks managers, managers of budget hotels, owners of family hotels and guest houses, university teachers, students, and all of you who have been striving to operate successful businesses.

Ekaterina Gelovska,
Editor-in-Chief HoReMag magazine

Holiday Inn Sofia