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What are the main requirements for a green hotel and what is the difference between the construction of a green hotel and the implementation of green management in a hotel? How can we reduce electricity and water use with small investments? What should we do to make our hotel more attractive for the quests? What are the sources of funding for a green hotel and what are the main steps we should make?

The answers to all these questions were given yesterday during the first of its kind international conference ‘the Green Hotel’, organised by “Hotels & REstaurants MAGazine”. Sofia hotel Holiday hosted the event, which got together around 200 representatives of investors, hotel managers, tourist sector organisations and the media. The international conference was officially opened by Mrs Stela Baltova, vice-chairperson of the State Tourism Agency, who welcomed the participants.

One of the topics that attracted the biggest interest was the lecture by Denimila Dencheva, senior expert at the Ministry of Environment and Water, on ecological marking and the issuing of a certificate for a green hotel. The executive director of the Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism (BAAT) Zoritsa Stavreva outlined the development of green hotels in Bulgaria and described the current situation.

Over an hour was devoted to the presentation of Jurgen Seidel, head of engineering, innovation and environmental protection at the international five-start chain Six Senses Resorts&Spas, who focused on the main characteristics which make a hotel ecology-friendly and how one can profit from multiple use of resources.

Professor Fausto Faggioli, from Italy, spoke about the experience of the Emilia Romagna province in the creation and promotion of ecological tourist product which attracts visitors to the region, and in the cooperation between local authorities and the tourist sector.

Lawrence Hefler from Florida spoke about the marketing advantages of green hotels in the USA. Mr Hefler’s name is linked to the branding of companies such as Hilton, Disney, American Express to mention but few.

Kamen Chipev from the Time-Ecoproject foundation described the opportunities for ecological project funding, and Boyan Rashev, managing partner in Denkstatt Bulgaria, outlined the step by step procedures from the initiation of an idea for a green hotel to its actual construction.

What the participants said about the event:

Svetla Slavova, marketing manager, Balkan Hotel Management Company
"I would like to thank Hotels & REstaurants MAGazine for the greatly organised Green hotel conference! The lecturers were very interesting and the event was very useful. It draws the curtain from a serious issue, which relates not only to hotels and hotel managers, but the community and institutions, in the sense of education and legislative responsibility. It will be great to learn more about the ideas and experience of the lecturers at the conference, as well as about the ideas of other professionals in the sphere finding technical solutions. It would be very useful for a larger number of hotel owners, designers, technical specialists, mayors and people from the Regional Development Ministry to be kept constantly informed and to see more often specific examples of such hotels and resorts – with their names, with pictures, schemes, statistical tables of the actual savings from green practices. Again, I’m grateful for this seminar, that you organised and for the great practical value of the presentations by Mr Jurgen Seidel and Mr Fausto Faggioli!"

Stoyan Darkov, owner of Ruen hut

"First of all I would like to thank you for the professional organisation of the event and to wish you many more such enterprises in the future. As owner of Ruen hut, in the Rhodope mountains, near Plovdiv, the conference was very useful for me. We are now working on a complete renovation of the building with the idea to turn it into a model facility. I will be very happy if the magazine would be interested in covering this renovation process. I think this could be interesting for similar entrepreneurs who, reading your magazine, would be able to follow the specific steps in achieving such a goal."

Rositsa Veleva, Kovex SRL "I would like to congratulate Hotels & REstaurants MAGazine for the nice conference and the professional organization. The event was very interesting and useful for all of us, which is the most important thing. I’m also glad that we not only hear interesting things from the personal experience of the lecturers but we also managed to make many contacts which would certainly be beneficial in our future work".

The presentations of all participants in the Green hotel international conference can be downloaded freely from the Programme section.

All details about the Green hotel international conference can be found in the April issue of the magazine.
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